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OHHHH fun thread
Since the last poster didn't post a scenario, I'll take ESV's: Someone kills my mother and cat (I don't have a dog)
Ok, so I'd take him to a dark basement, tie him to a stake and dislocate his shoulders. Then I'd take a pair of pliers, and rip each one of his fingernails out. Every time I rip out a fingernail, I'd take the pliers, grab the now raw and bleeding part of the finger with it, and twist it till the finger snaps. I'd do this to every finger. Next are the toes, same procedure, nice and slowly. Then I'd get a stick and intertwine all the fingers so theire at painful angles and all broken, and hit them with a hammer, pretty much breaking every finger in at least 10 places.
Now it gets painful: First take a pair of those sharp nail pulling pliers, and rip his nipples off. Pour sulfuric acid in the holes, wipe that out, put sugar in and let a couple thermites eat the sugary flesh. Next I take a long syringe. I fill it with lemon juice, and heat the needle red hot. I stick that in his eyeballs and then inject lemon juice in them. Then I take a long nail and ram it through both his eardrums. Then I'd take a blowtorch and hold it to the soles of his feet until theire all charred and burnt. Then take a heat engraving tool, and write murderer all over his body with his burnt flesh. Then I'd insert two needles into his stomach and part them until it rips open a hole. I'd fill that with a writhing stinging jellyfish. Finally, I'd take a baseball bat and just hit him until there is only bloody jelly left, take that outside and let some stray dogs eat it.

Someone breaks into your house at night, rapes your little sister, kills your parents, and sets the house on fire. You barely escape, but you know who did it...
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