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There is no comparison between pro wrestling and MMA.

MMA lost its entertainment factor because most of the stars left and not enough new ones werer there to replace them, on top of they did a poor job of manufacturing new ones.

In MMA, stars are born from what they do in the cage, not backstage.

Secondly, I just don't like the article at all. It states the primary reason for the fall of WWE is because of MMA...and this statement is nothing short of ridiculous.

Pro wrestling has been on the decline long before MMA became a big deal.

Mainly due to a big generational gap, old fans left, and child/teen fans of Attitude era were alienated and stopped watching after the abrupt switch to PG. This basically left the demographics to little kids who they catered to with Super Cena who they focus on so greatly that they have almost no other stars. Even the other stars now, are mostly mid-card carry overs from Attitude on to maybe 2005ish. Edge, Randy Orton, Undertaker...that's about it.

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