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I find it hilarious how anytime this subject is brought up it just turns into a popularity contest..Its like ppl cant see past their hatred for rashad to admit that jones pulled a ho move here..Even if he was open to fight rashad why mention it now? why put the cart before the horse when u already have a tough task in the form of shogun? thats a sign of immaturity and maybe a window into how jones handles pressure (like the hamill fight when the ref wouldnt stop it)

Correct me if i'm wrong but who is the seasoned vet that was already in the jackson camp and who is the guy that was just brought in? If there is a code that greg jackson mandated (which he has clearly recently let up on) shouldnt it be rashad's choice (just out of seniority) whether that fight happens or doesnt.. All through this rashad has been respectful (maybe out of fear of gettin his azz kicked) but respectful nonetheless.Jones comments seemed antagonistic which is just out of the blue and unnecessary. If y'all werent drinking that bones kool aid u would see who the real b!tch is

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