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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
The girls?

But seriously, corporate laws for a start. There are chemicals commonly used in our foods in the UK that you guys have banned. Additives and other nasty shit. My missus is a qualified biochemist. The things she tell me about some of these chemicals. Scary nasty shit. not just Sweden. Austria, Norway, Switzerland. All these guys have stuff banned that the UK deems fine for us to eat. The fact that scientists in civilized countries ban stuff that we dont, is worrying.

Beyond that, your education system rocks compared to ours. Ours is a violent cesspit. There are education systems that get state funding in countries like yours, that we dont get a sniff of.

Man... I could go on forever.

Take my word for it. The UK sucks right now. Education. Health. Business. Stealth taxes. A government who openly and brazenly laugh at us while cutting all our services.

I shall end right here before I smash up my laptop.
I see...I now feel much better about my home country again, I was actually a bit pissed off at our current situation, but you made it all better...thx soojoo.

Oh and heres another vid from the same guy:

Training, talking to Bruce Leroy etc. This is actually a much better vid than the first one. Enjoy

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