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Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
what bothers me here is "after GSP beats Shields", just as it was already a done deal

but with all the distraction GSP has had lately, I wouldn't count on a win over Shields that much.

GSP is no supernatural and I'm pretty sure his mind won't be 100% at the task when entering the octagon, facing Shields.

The question is: would it be enough for Shields to capitalize on? would GSP be able to fight and win despite the distraction ?

This superfight rumour and discussion are surely putting a lot of pressure on GSP's shoulders, can he handle it?

In a normal situation, I don't see GSP losing, but last time he was distracted, he lost by KO in the 1st round.

I know if I was GSP I wouldn't watch TV or pick up the phone until the fight, just to be able to concentrate and focus on it.
I don't think GSP will be distracted.

He dealt with being on the TUF and all of Koschecks antics trying to draw him out of his comfort zone very well and focused on the job at hand (ok I know Kos was the job at hand but still)

I think he will have learned form the Serra fight and in spite of an internet buzz, tv hype about a fight with Silva I have no doubt his focus is 100% on Shields (in fact his responses to anything regarding Silva supports this as he really refuses to engage in much conversation about it)

I expect to see nothing less than GSP at his best for this fight and I expect nothing less than a dominant victory.

The Serra fight was careless, he was young and had never been outfought so his confidence was sky high and he was caught with a single punch much like he was caught with a sub against Hughes after dominating.

We have yet to see GSP be out worked or out fought in a match (except early against BJ which he won and corrected for the rematch)

I think he has shown great ability to learn from his mistakes and I do not expect him to repeat them any time soon.
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