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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post

I agree, I feel like the UFC is going to attract much more PPV buys having Jones fight Shogun rather than Rashad.
I've read this last night!
Although i should enjoy it, i really don't.
I expressed this in another thread, but this article give me more reasons (better reasons) to express it again.

I get the feeling Jones is too exposed to the media these days.
I don't know what kind of obligations he has to do all these appearences on TV shows, radio shows, autograph signings, public meetings and stuff like that.
Plus, every 3rd article you read on an MMA related site is something about Jones.
Any fan would like hearing news about one of his favorite fighters, no matter who that is. But i would like those news to be more about his fights and training, than about his time off. That's great also, but right now it feels like the media is abusing the Jon Jones subject, because "he is HOT" and on BIG demand, trying to make the most out of it - ratings + whatever media means (marketing, internet traffic...and others).
This is what creates the biggest HYPE.
Articles like: "the making of Jon Jones" or the clip that will air on Friday, called "In the moment" featuring Jones.

And considering the fact that he has been in the center of the attention 6 weeks ago also, before the Bader fight...wonder if it's not too much and if the line between a MMA fighter and an entertainer hasn't been crossed.

And i don't think a young rising fighter such as Jones can stand up to the UFC and say: "i won't go to that meeting or i won't do that show, because i'd rather train or meditate about the fight..."
It's not normal for a fighter to be so exposed to "the media army", but there is not much he can't do about it, once he's started.

Perfect example:

That was the order of the long day for Jones, who woke up at 5 am to do a morning show interview and has media priorities throughout the day to go with his two training sessions.
Not saying he doesn't enjoy it. Or that it has a negative effect on his performance because the fight didn't take place yet.
He could very well win the fight in impressive manner. And all the thousands posts-million words that have been thrown arround the internet will become a thing of the past - failed speculation.

My impression of the whole thing is: the UFC are going BIG on Jones. He is young, telented, huge potential.
They are trying to impose him as their new SUPERSTAR (wich is not bad).
The guy that will take the UFC into the future (wich is not bad).
The fighter that will bring a whole new fan base for the company (wich is not bad).

But while doing this, i sometimes get the impression the UFC is acting like a Circus and Jones is just the "Main Attraction" - come look at what we have... (wich is bad).

I hope i'm wrong!



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