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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
i think i just got burned out on it. 8 lvl 80's had every profession maxed out (pre cata ofcourse). 4 of the 80's had 5.4k+ gear scores in pvp gear, 3 were over 5k and the hunter was like 4.6k GS, again all pvp gear and before they took rating requirement from gear. plus i had been playing for lil over a year before BC....

i am having a hard time finding a new game to take up my free time... kinda got back into PlanetSide, but its been out since 03 and played the hell outta it back in the day, so the first week i was way back into it again, now im just like.... meh...

I only had 1 80 going into Cata and that was a DK. I like the changes they did though. Archaeology is a pain but you can uncover ancient weapons and things like companions, etc... from it. Gear Score is dead, now it is item level and the game calculates it for you. Nobody can queue for heroics unless they meet a minimum item level now as well.

Heroics are also much tougher than they were back in WOTLK.

We also did 3 drake OS 10 man last night as a pure 85 group. Haha it was beyond easy. We downed Sarth before the 1st lava wave came.
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