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I hope you're right about it, if he's 100% into it, there's no reason why he shouldn't win.

I've watched most of UFC/GSP fights this week, specially the loss against serra, the GSP then is no comparaison to today's GSP for sure. Nonetheless I still think that dealing with this latent "hype" for the superfight while training for another, lesser fight has to be a distraction of some sort, at this level of notoriety, we really don't know how much private life these guys still have.

I for one really like GSP as both a fighter and a person, I guess these are the types of fighters that I like, fairly humble yet aware of their worth (i.e. realistic), hard working, smart, and class acts all the way.

But as much as I like watching GSP, I still believe a fight vs Silva will be no walk in the park and putting together a gameplan to counter the spider should be the result of a weeks long brainstorming.

What is exciting about this bout is that it's some sort of "natural talent vs intelligence/hard work" like "Jimmy hendrix (silva) vs Joe satriani (GSP)"

They both put on great shows at some exceptions (the Kos fight, which seemed to me more like a public humiliation ala "look I hit you with the exact same move for 25 minutes and there's nothing you can do about it", or the Maia fight for silva, or at least the last 3 rounds where silva were obviously kinda "bored")

but truly, Silva starts with a HUGE advantage, Weight, size, reach and stand up technique (GSP is good there too but I don't see him nearly as good as silva which, basically, is an alien)

as I see it now
it'll all come down to how and if silva can stop GSP's takedowns, and he has the tools to do it, and probably catch GSP on the way in

but with GSP, everything is possible and maybe we'll see him standing against silva, he certainly is a very high level striker himself, but really I don't see how GSP could win this other than rashaading a decision maybe, IF he can get andy down (yet if he can't, nobody can, the Sonnen fight is somewhat irrelevant as silva was then hurt)

And this is what is exciting about this fight, GSP clearly comes in as the underdog, and he's very good at surprising people (i.e. standing against KOS for 5 rounds) pulling out techniques out of his hat, so who knows what he could set up preparing against the spider?

I suspect the post fight discussion to be at least as heated as the current ones, because there would be tons of excuses for the loser

if Silva loses
- GSP played "safe"
- Silva's too old

if GSP loses
- silva was too big
- not his natural weightclass

blah blah blah

But I'm not seeing GSP winning this one by being safe, the longer you hang with the spider, the more likely you are to get caught by some flying kick/punch/elbow of some sort.
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