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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I only had 1 80 going into Cata and that was a DK. I like the changes they did though. Archaeology is a pain but you can uncover ancient weapons and things like companions, etc... from it. Gear Score is dead, now it is item level and the game calculates it for you. Nobody can queue for heroics unless they meet a minimum item level now as well.

Heroics are also much tougher than they were back in WOTLK.

We also did 3 drake OS 10 man last night as a pure 85 group. Haha it was beyond easy. We downed Sarth before the 1st lava wave came.

oh i know all about that, my holy pally was like a 330 ilevel i think... i know i was a few points above the Heroic minimum, hunter was like a 334. and its not that Heroics are so much harder this time around. there were no heroics in Vanilla, BC had heroics but at that time you needed to be Revered with a certain faction to buy a key to open up said Heroics, so by the time you grinded there with friends and such (there was no LFD system at all back then), you knew the fights and that pretty well and how your friends played, so it wasnt too bad. With WotLK they took out the attunment keys for Heroics and opened them up to everyone, and i can tell you, for a while there Heroics were hard! if you were a fresh 80 with lvl 78 and 79 blues and so was your whole party, yeah a heroic sucked ass! I know cuz i went thru it and helped ALOT of people gear thru Heroics while i was trying to gear up aswell when OS and Naxx were the only raids available at the time. but as everyone started going from level 200 gear to 226 and 232, then Heroics became tank run and aggro all he can and spam AoE till we get to boss then gogogogogo DPS on boss. With Cata everyone forgot what it was like to be in Heroic Gear and Naxx gear in the beginning of Wrath. i didnt, and the heroics everyone bitched about i didnt care less, i even said that everyone is in shit gear now... its not like you could que up as DPS and hope in with a group that has a Tank in gear 5 item levels above the Heroic gear with a similarly geared Healer and one other DPS who could just burn thru everything....

but what did piss me off..... as a Holy Pally, i went from needing 2+ DPS being very coordinated to take me out, to anyone just needing to outlast my mana, and with me being OoM in just about 12 heals, it didnt take long. and everyother 80 i had being 2 shot by warriors and rogues of the same level cuz "they needed a bump in DPS for PvE..." Tol Barad was a waste of time unless you were defending. Phasing is the biggest POS if your trying to mine or pick herbs...

i dunno, just alot of the class changes to me i thought were not needed as well, they took out alot of the aggro reducing specs from talent tree's (mage esspecially)..... i dunno im blanking on the others... i had many a drunken night in /2 or vent talking about it but i cant seem to remember them lol.

so lol theres my rant, i just woke up and brain rattled ths all off, so im sure only half of it makes any sense, maybe when im more awake ill either be like WTF was i saying.... or ill try and make better sense of it for ya lol

EDIT: just tried to Armory myself, but i been inactive too long. was gonna show ya what i had accomplished before i quit.

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