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I dunno, I am pretty good at reducing aggro with my Mage. Ice Block gives the tank time to pull mobs back. Mirror Image takes the aggro from you and puts it on the images. Invisibility drops aggro over 3 seconds as well.

My biggest beef with my Mage right now is my fire spec. I love it, it is very fun, but man my DPS fluctuates terribly because the spec is based almost completely upon crits for everything to proc. When I get a decent amount of crits, I can pull around 10k. But if I don't, I drop to around 7k and that is annoying to me and everyone in my group.

And yeah, I understand about wrath heroics. I started at the tail end of the BC expansion so by the time I was 80, the Heroics were a bit easier than when they came out. So I gotcha on that.
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