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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I dunno, I am pretty good at reducing aggro with my Mage. Ice Block gives the tank time to pull mobs back. Mirror Image takes the aggro from you and puts it on the images. Invisibility drops aggro over 3 seconds as well.

My biggest beef with my Mage right now is my fire spec. I love it, it is very fun, but man my DPS fluctuates terribly because the spec is based almost completely upon crits for everything to proc. When I get a decent amount of crits, I can pull around 10k. But if I don't, I drop to around 7k and that is annoying to me and everyone in my group.

And yeah, I understand about wrath heroics. I started at the tail end of the BC expansion so by the time I was 80, the Heroics were a bit easier than when they came out. So I gotcha on that.
i really really REALLY missed my Arcane/Frost spec.... it was great for pve and pvp, dont remember the numbers, but i had up to Icy Veins (the 20% haste} the rest arcane, so i had an additional +6% to hit from specs and i think it was -12% aggro from specs. on boss fights shammy would hit bloodlust/heroism for haste buff, soon as that dropped hit my Icy Veins plus i had a ton into Haste making my Arcane Blasts less then a second cast during those times and Arcane Missles with Proc were practically insta 5 shot spell.... even in heroics with mostly level 232 gear and a few 251's i was able to hit 9k dps on boss fights and never even came close to pulling any aggro. maybe thats why they wanted to change things.

as for my story on aggro issues, with my new arcane spec after the cata patch, we are in ICC 25 and on Lich King. boss fight starts were all in back tank pulls him to us, i wait a few seconds and start and 3rd Arcane Blast in a row crits and i have aggro, Ice Block and he resets goes back to tank, i hit my 4th Blast and it crits again, hit Missiles and couple of them crit and send my Arcane Barrage wich isnt a crit but again it pulls aggro and im dead.... I know it sounds like a Tank issue, but same tank before the patch and i never pulled off him ever...

i dunno... i used to love the game, was really looking forward to Cata, was watching all the vids from Beta that i could, even got the CE version of it, was loving the leveling and new zones and the new humor and then i hit 85.... so i turned to my hunter so i could mine the stuff i needed for my blacksmithing and jewelcrafting, was having fun leveling him and feeling like Hunter was good again, and then i hit 85..... and everything just felt... blah... so i turned to my newly made Troll Druid, hit the new zones and lost interest in them pretty quick, turned to feral and PvP and was having a blast and then... blah...

i am kinda missing some things... mostly just /2..... i was a bit of a Trade Chat Troll, not the try and piss on everyones parade and tell them they all suck, but the get drunk and make stupid funny comments, make fun of myself, rip on the guy getting too serious in trade kinda guy. and i have not found any other game where you can be like that yet. Rift was the worst.... that community sucked ass, they took themselves and that game waaaaaay too serious... heh you know i made friends there then before i left lol!

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