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Originally Posted by limba View Post
What Life B Ez said it's ok in a way, although he admitted

Arrogance can be a good thing also. It can fuel great rivalries and make competition better. It's what gets one fighter going in wanting to become a great.
MMA is a sport full of arrogant people, it's just that we don't get to see fighters showing it.
How would you feel walking into a room, knowing you can beat up everyone in that room?! Walking on the street or into a bar and not knowing what fear looks like?! Everyone being "involuntary cautious" and affraid towards/of you...
Fighters need to have somekind of arrogance.

I would also like to see more people here talking about the fight itself - technical breakdown, strategies, the "who, why and how" regarding this fight.

Sometimes i get the impression there is too much "sissy talk"...especially when it involves things that were said/that happened outside of the cage.
It feels like MMAF stands for "Mega Morality Awareness Forum"...or something like this.......
Like I said, I don't care if you're arrogant, that's not what I don't like about Jones. It's that he wants it both ways, he wants his cake and wants to eat it too. You can't say arrogant things then say you're humble, it just doesn't work that way.

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