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Hey bud, I am not really sure what your goals are or what exactly you are trying to figure out but I'll give it a shot.

It sounds like you are interested in the grappling arts and possibly looking to compete. If this is the case, most legitimate BJJ and MMA places can provide the training and opportunity to do this.

In finding a legitimate school, in general, it takes 8-10+ years to get a BJJ black belt (IDK it might even be longer). My point is if you check out a school with alot of people with brown/black belts who got them in 1-2 years, this is not a good school. Look at someplace else.

In my opinion, if you want to learn this stuff, find a gym and show up regularly. There are no prerequisites. There are also no short cuts to getting "good". It takes alot of time and work to learn the techniques and make them functional. In short, there is ALOT of hard work involved but it is a blast to do and very rewarding on a personal level.

Good Luck
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