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well this is what i expected from him, hes not going to strike with him, and he doesnt have the traditional wrestling style of shooting for doubles or singles, as much as he talks about wanting to strike with shogun, i think hes going to rush in, clinch up and ragdoll him down and try to land already in side control...that would be his best option no doubt

shogun has an awesome clinch but JBJ is too tall and his greco and strength will be too much for him IMO

though if JBJ is stupid and tries to test his striking against him i think shogun will KO him, you can tell that JBJ really needs to work on his striking a lot still...he still doesnt really know how to set things up, his kicks are getting better but his punches are just awful

also...on the gound he really stretches his arm out a lot, he should becareful with that against shogun, ppl think shogun wont sub him because he only has one win by sub

BUT the guys he goes to the ground with know what they are doing usually, they are a higher level than white belt, JBJ makes some rookies mistakes on the ground, maybe its because he knows the other fighters isnt a black belt, but shogun does in fact have good BJJ and if he sees that huge ass arm just hanging out there i doubt he wont catch it

this is such an interesting fight, especially because JBJ is always getting better and better, once he learns how to set up his strikes and really learns how to use that reach...dudes gonna be scary! and hes so agile for his size, those kicks and flying knees are impressive

i hope he becomes a fighter like pettis who just trys new shit out once in a while
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