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Originally Posted by AdamThomas View Post
Yeah I can defend against them ok, I just suck at throwing them any higher than the leg, I just can't seem to get any power into higher ones, and I guess I'm probably at risk at getting them caught and being taken down. I guess it's a good idea to keep learning them but I noticed that there are a higher percentage of KOs in mma from punches than there are from kicks, knees and elbows, so not that worried about it also I'm quite a short guy so would be fighting taller people, don't think it would make sense to be trying to throw high kicks.
Bas Rutten can help you out with getting power into your kicks. It's not quite as fast and non-telegraphed as the traditional way of throwing kicks where you pivot off the lead foot, but it's got a heck of a lot more power behind it.

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