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Gym: Day Four

Hey Guys,

Tonight we went to the instructor's house which was near a soccer field.

We have to wait a little while to get back into our gym, due to construction going on inside. I found a brand-new gym haha...

Right as basic as you can get: An old roller-rink they've got a bar with 4 drink coolers.

Giant open wood floor.

The plan is to put in 30x30 mats in for rolling, a full boxing ring, a half-cage, and 12 or 24 bags and mirrors around the walls.
So tonight was another conditioning program for our two upcoming fights this next saturday.

We did two 3 or 4 hundred yard sprints to warm-up then grabbed some car tires and walked to the soccer field.

We worked on circuits tonight of 3-minute rounds again:

You and the partner hold onto a car tire and take one foot backwards and power your hip to that side and haul the partner to that side.

That was some wicked work, I could barely get through the 2nd running of one point I slammed the tire into my gut and could barely breath for a bit.

Next we stood on opposite sides of the soccer goals, outside of the goalie's box and did tire throws over your head. The goal was to throw the tire over the top of the goal to the partner.

On this workout I really screwed myself over...I don't know how I was doing it but I was lifting with the back.

For a good portion of that drill I was in discomfort.

After finishing that drill I was set on doing jumps to a bench and down and so-on. The back gave me a hell of a time with this, if I wasn't messed up I would've gained a lot more from it.

The final part of the conditioning was side-stepping going to the end of the field and back with the car tire held over our heads on our palms.

while we waited for our team-mate to finish his drill of sledgehammer flys I and the other 2 guys did some jogging on the field.
We walked back to the instructor's house and got a cup of iced water, then headed to a bike path where we jogged at a quick pace for 100-300 yards each way.

At the end I destroyed the guys the 2nd guy was about 20-40 feet behind me, I ended up reverting to my cross-country days for the final 2-4 hundred yards you would go into a dead sprint.

This was the conclusion of the conditioning program for the night. Even saying this doesn't end the night haha.

I have one more reason why I really enjoy the gym, the instructor's wife prepared a meal for us tonight. She had pan sauteed some chicken breast, sliced up some bell peppers, had some tomatoes, a salad and some baked potato.

I didn't take a whole lot just a breast, some peppers and tomato.

I feel that when my instructor says he runs a family oriented gym he is damn serious. If he's willing to let his fighters come and have dinner with him that is a good man.

It was great while we waited for the meal we had random discussions, one of our guys was telling us "how he had gone to walmart for a video game in the morning, and the clerk wishes him a happy st. Patrick's day...the kid asks the lady what the hell is st. Patrick's day???"

We discussed gaming, and one of the vets was asking the same kid about how he was feeling about his upcoming fight this coming Saturday. Johnny will have his debut fight, which I hope to see.

He was saying that he really hasn't thought a whole lot about the fight so far. He was saying that he loves the conditioning programs with the un-orthodox method that our instructor uses. It in all honesty isn't unusual for the mma world...but for me it is haha.

For a while I had to stretch out my back, and I was watching two of the guys doing the side-step drill. I noticed johnny being a bit sluggish, so I started to yell at the kid to keep his crap together.

I definitely got some good remarks from the instructor. The guys in the gym are quickly becoming some good friends of mine.

I will try to get myself out to the instructor's house Saturday morning for another conditioning program. I would like to say one way or another I'll be there, I am unsure if I am going to do the tire work yet. I have to see how my back is first.

I can hardly afford to screw it up any more than it is now..

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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