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Originally Posted by Dan0 View Post
Me and my friend walked by this Irish bar in Riga yesterday, which was CRAMMED with people, all of them wearing green hats. We think it's probably St. Patty's but we're not sure, since it's not celebrated here. So we walk up to this dude, who looks like a typical Irish guy and also is wearing the hat, and we ask him where he's from. He really hesitates to answer and in this really weird, obviously fake accent replies 'China'. We think it's a weird expression of humor and ask him if it's St Patty's day today and he, again with hesitation and the same accent, goes 'I wouldn't know, I'm from China'. This baffles me a bit so I tell him that it says 'St. Patrick's Day 2011' on his hat and he goes in a natural Irish accent 'Well, I guess it is then! I thought you were a couple of hooligans wanting to take my wallet! I'm from Ireland and the name's Stephen.' We ended up getting a beer with him and convincing him and some of his Irish friends that it isn't THAT dangerous here. All of this happened right after being stoned out of our minds. Good times.
Haha, i don't kniw if it's sad or funny.

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