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College wrestling is a great base for mma. However you bjj may not help
You. First wrestling you stay off your back at all cost bjj you want to never show your back and be on your stomach. 2 Lots of the sweeps and ground work require major joint manipulation that is illegal in wrestling. 3 lots of ground work in bjj involved connecting you hands and clinching your hands together or to your wrist and you never want to do that unless it is a pinning combo in wrestling because you lose 3 points for doing that. However bjj will help you with take downs and tdd. I knew a little judo when I wrestled and the trips and tries I knew helped alot. It will be hard to get on a wrestling team without wrestling experience.

If you want to do mma you are on a good path with all the grappling you are doing.

Best of luck to ya hope everything works out.

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