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Stand up sparring lately: Landed some decent right crosses. Felt a little light, not sure if I subconsciously pulled them a lil bit or if they were just light, or both. Didn't really do much with kicks. Didn't really get tagged, but didn't really do as much as I would've liked. Footwork while sparring suuuucked. I was just OK with my head movement, but I wasn't using angles for shit.

Been working on head movement. Worked on it with Squirrel a bit, a little drill where he tries to use my head like a double end bag and I obviously try not to get jabbed to death. Basically lighter power, but as full speed as possible without hitting harder. Been doing a little bit of head movement with the mirror but nothing special about that.

Groin's been really tight lately (I would imagine because I haven't been stretching). So in sparring I haven't thrown any head kicks at all, and hardly any body kicks. Same for when I'm working technique solo; haven't really been at least practicing mid and high kicks like I should've been. I stretched out really hard today early in the day, and again after a strength training session. So I'm going to try not to lose what I regained today and try to get back to my old flexibility in the weeks upcoming.

Grappling: Rolled with Squirrel few days ago. I subbed him with an arm triangle that he kind of had to convince me to do, lol... I had it from full mount and thought I should slide over into side control to try to finish with it, but I didn't want to lose mount and end up on the bottom again. But he got me to pause and told me to slide over into side control, so I did, and I got it. Seems like it took way too long though. /// Before that however, Squirrel subbed with an armbar. I absolutely should not have fallen into it, but I did like a scrub. Moreover, I should've fought harder to get out of it, but as soon as he really started to lock it up I tapped.

Was watching some footage of myself throwing jabs (I'm not comfortable right now putting video up), and it's kind of an interesting thing. I feel like I have an especially long jab that reminds me of some old school heavyweight boxers I've seen. It's interesting and I like it, I really move into it and stretch out to maximize my decent reach. The downside of it being that I've seen a good inside fighter tear apart a primarily outside fighter who tried to really use that jab. This makes me really want to work on my inside game. Not clinch game per se, but just inside game. Harder bodyshots, tighter hooks, faster uppercuts.

Cardio stuff: Jogged on Tuesday, mile and a half. My actual run speed is kind of fast, but I get winded and end up speed walking like an elderly woman at a mall. Did sprints on Wednesday. I didn't stretch properly after either of those cardio things, so I tightened up a lot and actually felt kind of strained yesterday/today after the sprints. Sprints actually hit my quads comedically hard, but it's all good. Trying to keep my cardio mixed up to really hit my lungs from all angles. Not Thursday nor today did I do any cardio, which I'm not really happy about. Might do some hiit tomorrow and/or some "lazy cardio" on the Gazelle. Really enjoy sprinting though, as it lets me stay in a particular area.

Diet: Screwed up a couple times, normally dinner, where I had a really fatty or carb heavy meal. Otherwise I've been pretty good. A few snacks here or there that need to be cut out (poptarts have become one of my weaknesses [Squirrel will laugh], but poptarts are RIDICULOUSLY unhealthy). Been eating fairly lean meats, or taking protein shakes when I can't be bothered to cook. Chicken a couple times, lots of tuna (too much on Tuesday, actually), and some 80/20 ground beef that I put in a chilli Wednesday, plus beans and such. Been having a bit of fruit for breakfast, also for protein shakes (I'll toss in a banana or a cup of OJ, for flavor/extra vitamin content), and I MIGHT snack on a couple grapes throughout the day to tide me over. I've been fitting at least one vegetable dish into my meal plan each day, be it a bowl of cut raw broccoli, or a pepper or two, or a salad, or a couple of whole carrots. Taking a generic daily vitamin, daily - but that's about it in terms of supplements (not counting protein shakes).

Strength training: I appreciate Strongman style training, and I still plan to use and implement strongman concepts, but I feel like I need to revisit some bodybuilding and powerlifting methods. Probably won't be doing much (if any) muscle isolation stuff, but I'll be doing more volume work. I'll still be blending plyo and bodyweight stuff as well as some oly lifting. Did hang cleans and inverted rows on tuesday night, as well as some between the leg style swings of a dumbbell I modded to be kettlebell-like. Did a max flat bench set Wednesday (which was shitty as all get out) and then some volume stuff with barbell incline bench and db decline bench. Then today I did legs; matching a strength move with a power move - stiff leg deads (explosive, volume) with max effort leg curls, and heavy zercher squats with box jumps. I should've gone heavier on the zercher squats, because by the last set I was coming out of the bottom of the squat like I didn't have any weight in my arms. I also knocked out some hip presses (with a 5lb db) and some leg extensions (both as volume) to just kind of roundout the workout.I've been trying to make my strength training sessions a lot shorter and a lot more intense. I'll probably be adding some more oddball ab/core work into my future strength training routines. Things like weighted stiff leg situps, rotational swings/slams, farmer's walk/overhead carry/zercher carry, weird stuff like that.

Think this week I'll set up a string and practice with that age-old head movement/footwork drill. Maybe staple a string to my basement ceiling and hang a tennis ball to mess with slipping on. Probably try to commit a few shadowboxing/bag sessions to focusing on moving in angles and fast feet.

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