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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post

1st point. Miller will likely submit Shalorus. Its what he does. Oh wait, I forgot about Shalorus' world famous submission defence.

2nd point. Miller I believe could take Kamal down. He'll use his jabs and feints to set up takedowns. Millers superior boxing skills will allow him this.

3rd point. Shalorus does NOT have the best wrestling in all of MMA. GSP has the most effective wrestling when used in MMA combat. Randy has the best Greco-Roman. And yeah you got, Jon Fitch, Lesnar, Kos, Sonnen etc... all who have long standing proven track record at being the best wrestlers in MMA. Kamal falls short of all these guys in my humble opinion.

If I'm wrong i'll eat my own face and post it on youtube.
You're entitled to your own opinion.

1. Miller will not submit Shalorus BECAUSE HE WONT BE ABLE TO GET HIM TO THE GROUND. How can he submit him without getting the fight to the ground? A flying armbar?

2. Miller does have superior boxing skills but there is no way in hell he takes down Shalorus; his TDD and strength are far too overwhelming for Jim Miller.

3. I completely disagree. Kamal Shalorus was on Iran's OLYMPIC FREESTYLE SQUAD! He is literally one of the best wrestlers on earth, let alone in the UFC.
Yes Randy was also a top level guy, but he is old as hell now and Greco wrestling isnt as useful as freestyle in MMA.
Fitch, Kos, and Lesnar dont even belong in this conversation because they are all merely D-1 College wrestlers which is a joke compared to the level that Shalorus competed at.
GSP and Sonnen are debatable, Ill give you that. But still IMO Shalorus is the best, just watch his past fights and how easily he shrugs off takedown attempts and how easily he takes people down when he feels like it.

His biggest problem is that, unlike GSP, he lacks good striking to effectively set up his takedowns and also he is mentally stubborn and wants to "prove a point" by keeping the fight standing.
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