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Faber wins by UD, 29-28 across the board:

Round 1 - Faber charges and ties up. Wineland throws a knee to the body and then presses Faber into the cage. Wineland continues pressing. Faber tries to reverse, but Wineland puts him back into the cage. Faber and dips for the takedown, but Wineland avoids it. Faber misses with a lunging right. Faber shoots and knocks Wineland to the mat, but he's quickly back up. Faber remains clinching with him and tries to throw him, but Wineland overpowers him to remain upright. Wineland considers a takedown but instead presses him into the cage. Wineland takes his opponent's back and slams him to the, but Faber pops back up. Faber swings from distance, but he's landing little. Faber shoots for a single, but Wineland expertly avoids it and forces Faber to reset. Wineland throws jabs, but Faber's head work avoids it. But a right gets through. Faber lands an overhand right and then a quick right to follow. Wineland fires off some jabs. scores it 10-9 for Wineland.

Round 2 - Wineland works jabs as Faber sits in the pocket. Faber goes high with a kick. The fighters remain at distance and circle for a bit. Wineland swings from distance and misses wide. Faber misses on a combo. Wineland lands a low kick. Faber grabs a single leg and then nails the kick-trip takedown. He works from inside Wineland's full guard, postures up, stacks his opponent and drops an elbow. Wineland pulls him close. Faber, though, lands another elbow. He tries another, but Wineland blocks the blows. Faber gets through another elbow, though. Faber gets through some punches. Wineland nearly gets back to his feet, but Faber quickly swarms and takes him back down. Faber continues to stack his opponent and tag him with the occasional elbow. Faber picks up and slams his opponent and remains in full guard. This round is all Faber, who takes it 10-9.

Round 3 - The fighters come out swinging wildly. Both find their makr with jabs, but Faber gets the better of it. He shoots, but Wineland checks it. The fighters clinch, and Wineland delivers some knees to the body. Wineland works jabs. Faber fakes a jab and tags him with two quick lefts that do damage. A right gets through for Faber. Faber lands a quick right. Both swing and miss with wild hooks. Faber shoots, but Wineland fights it off and clinches, but Faber is relentless and gets it. That may have sealed the deal. Faber delivers elbows from the top, stacks his opponent, and continues the ground and pound. Wineland throws elbows from his back, but it's too late too late. scores it 10-9 for Faber and 29-28 for him overall.

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