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Originally Posted by pt447
Obama Echoes Clinton on Morality and Gays - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

well, Obama pulled a "politician". when he was asked whether or not he believed homosexuality was a Sin, he staved off the question--as did hillary--only to release a statement later about it. in the end, he supported homosexuality--surprisingly since he's a self-professed christian--but only after he had time to confer with his political team on the right way to say so.

i applaud his move to announce his support for homosexuality--only because it's a fact of life--but he acted so "political" about it, it sickens me. my hopes for this election, and obama are slowly waning, as the time winds on and he continues to show his political side. just once i want someone who's not a politician to be president!

was that a silly statement?
Was this his response to that one guy (Don't remember who it was, maybe the secretary of defense or something) saying homosexuality was immoral? And then Hillary came out and said it WASN'T immoral? Personally, I believe that homosexuality is, by definition, immoral. I don't think you can argue that it is indeed immoral, since morals like that all derive from religion, and there is not one religion on the face of the earth that says homosexuality is actually a moral thing. But, just because it is by definition an immoral lifestyle, doesn't mean it has to be outlawed or anything. I just wish homosexuality wasn't something you could visibly see. Everytime I turn on tv now there is always a homo in the mix with all the other people, and you can tell he's a homo cuz of the way he acts, and I don't care to see that. If you wanna be a queer, keep it to yourself, you don't need to flaunt it. Also, ever since Big Willy was prez, this country seems to actually ENCOURAGE homosexuality, not just making it seem like it's ok to be homo, but also to make it seem like it is "cool" to be a homo. And I'm about sick of that shit personally.

But I though Obama was a politician a while ago. How he never even acknowledges the fact that he went to a Muslim moccocas (sp?) in Indonesia or somewhere. It's not just that he doesn't talk about it, he never even acknowledges that he's been to one, let alone says whether or not he still agrees with anything he learned there at all.

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