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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
I figured it was something like that but can you give me a few examples.
Well first Rashad was saying he wouldn't fight Bones... and I think Bones said the same thing. But then Bones was put on the spot one day... and he said something to the effect that he didn't want to fight any teammates... but if the UFC told him he had to... he'd do it. Rashad heard this and started with the childish replies. Rashad was basically implying that Bones was overstepping his boundaries by saying he'd fight Rashad... and Rashad said he wasn't a punk and he'd fight Bones if he really wanted to.

Rashad started acting really childish... making comments in the media about Bones and his behaviour. Bones had another interview where he said he didn't want to talk about Rashad anymore since the fight was with Shogun. Rashad made more childish remarks.

Then things peaked with Rashad saying Greg Jackson had to choose between him and Bones Jones.

It's basically just Rashad's childish responses to Jones success that is making people dislike him.
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