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This fight reminded me of Shogun vs Machida 2. It was a reversal except Shogun took three rounds of pure punishment especially the latter two. You know what though, that should be a testament to Shogun's heart. JBJ blew through every other fighter very quickly. The underlining issue is this. What I saw was a HW vs LHW pretty much. Shogun got bullied in the clinch and on the ground. He couldn't sweep although he was threatening with submissions. Did you see that forearm choke to Shogun. He was PINNED down and absorbed multiple shots. He was stuck. By the time he got up he expended so much energy trying to get up and took quite a few hits to the head and body. I could literally see his health meter drop like in Street Fighter even though he was blocking most of em.

Sad to say it was no fluke. JBJ is the real deal, however he still needs to defend MULTIPLE TIMES.

I think Machida can do it.

You know what's crazy. Seeing Fedor enter the UFC as HW.
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