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Originally Posted by mo171083
38! Ur only as old as u feel, well thats what they say! Why not? Unless you give it a try ull never know, if the desire is there then u never know, u might have an aptitude for this sport that u never knew existed!
Im in a silimar situation, im 23 and dont know if i have passed the boat yet, i mean u see all thses guys out there in their late teens/early 20s fighting in the UFC, it makes u feel old. Also im in the UK so MMA and the UFC isnt nearly as popular here!!! So its REAL hard to find a gym!
Best of luck ne ways!
yea you see the young guys.. but look at your champions most of them are a bit older.. mid to late 20's early 30's... The male body does not reach its full potentioal until this time.. watch the MetRx strong man competitions.. they are always owned by the older guys.. not the young kids.. 23 is not too old I am 28 and if I did not have a family and responsibilities.. I'd be seriously debating competeing.. as it is.. I just enjoy the training when I get the rare chance or watching.. I got too much going to rely on something like that as I would have to train full time which would me no work.. so you need to weigh your priorities in your life.. if your single training full time is not hard as you just need a part time job to cover basic expenses. if you have a family like my self.. unless your name is chuck and command 6 fighures for a fight win or lose.. unless your better half makes good money you can not train full time and if you have kids thats even less time.. so it all boils down to your personal situation and goals.

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