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How did Maurice Smith get to be the IFL coach?

Don't get me wrong, Mo Smith is an AMAZING kickboxer and even though im undefeated in MMA and have 1 loss as a kickboxer (6-0-0 MMA, Amature), (12-1-3 Kickboxing Ameture record), been doin mma for 2 years, Kickboxing for 6, he'd kill me in either of them, easly lol.

But i mean, come on he has NO, NO and i mean NO real ground game.

His team is abunch of boxers/kickboxers who get destroyed in simple triangle chokes they fall right into and aren't trained to get out of.

Guys like Frank Shamrock/Ken Shamrock/Bas Rutten/Renzo Gracie and all the other true MMA coaches atleast have pretty well rounded true MMA styles and are good on the ground or on the feet (for the most part atleast).

Just think there are better guys in Seattle who can coach an MMA team (Ivan Salaverry in my opinion).

Of course i like Mo Smith don't get me wrong, i just dont like to see my Citys team get murdered week after week for the most part.

I mean that Crawford guy is horrible.

Edit: i just watched some of his old fights, guess hes bad as i made him out to be.

Still think he could of gotten better fighters then he has.

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