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Originally Posted by c-dub View Post
Wait wait wait, since when is turning your opponent into dust (or a bloody paste) a Disqualifying action!? I want to see the official rule book here! Plus I am pretty sure that goku would fight at HW...he's too big for LHW I think. Vegeta is a much better match-up being like a foot shorter, I bet he could make LHW and dominate!
Goku is a is 5"7 and he is shredded, probs 4%ish body fat. He is probs a big welterweight at best but he would still lol pwn Jones.

Vegeta is 5"3 and would probaby be a big 135er, still, Jones would be on the wrong end of a pwning.

The only Saiyan who is a true heavyweight is Brolly, rumour has it Brock Lesner was created from one of Brolly's ball hairs.

Pretty much everyone in DBZ is a mutha****in BOSS. Even an old ass master Roshi would have Jones swinging off his sagging nut sack.

Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Yeah, Crash Bandicoot (and Crash Team Racing) ftw!

Me too.. hence why I went to my friends house to play.. I guess our parents didn't love us.
In fact, the only console I've ever owned is XBox 360.
Your parents should be in jail for neglecting their child.

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