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Originally Posted by oddtodd76
nope, I didn't like it . I watched a little last night. You can't throw to the head??!!!! It might be good for people just wanting to watch styles...but not for me. I am not big on points systems like that.
I caught a bit of it it looked interesting at first.. and while the two fighters I saw going at it were good for the styles I noticed right away it was light contact.. and I saw so many take down oppertunites that I would have used.. I think the show is more a joke then anything and MTV is just trying to cash in on the new MA crazethat is starting to get rolling.. but like everyone on the show was in TKD which was lame they should have gotten more diverse styles.. while those guys were fast none seemed to be trained in any grappling.. it was ok.. but it could be alot better.. but hell it is MTV they are only going to put "beautiful people" who have ok skill nothing that translates to real world skill if they have got attacked..

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