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well the shat just keeps piling on.... tho i guess there was something of somewhat good news in it. so last week my brake line busted, i could stop, just not all that well. so tonight while the roads are pretty empty, get in, start her up, push brake pedal to the floor and throw into drive and away we go... my driveway is inclined to the street and i had backed in. get to the top aaaaaaaand..... i cant stop... no brakes at all... awesome... and roadside assistance from my insurance just means pay the dude and submit a claim for reimbursment. and getting towed to my brother in laws would probably cost too much. so... yeah... awesome... but i guess the good thing is is that the brakes fully failed infront of my house and not while i was doing 60mph on the freeway.

but hey i did get approved for a credit card today... so thats something i guess...... my life is so awesome.....

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