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Jits - Beginner + Advanced Classes

Not going too indepth, but GREAT classes today with lots of rolling. Getting lots of time with guys around my level, finding my flow again and persevering through all the rounds. Won most of my rounds today, just a couple finishes on lower level guys - arm triangle, triangle, armbar from mounted triangle, armbar from guard. Higher level guys I won a few rolls and a few were pretty back and forth. Had two back to back rounds with a purple that were gruelling, no idea what points were like but it was all over, got a sexy armbar sweep when I was about to get passed, and got out of bad positions promptly.

My legs started to spasm and cramp between classes but I stretched them up and things got working again. Leg day is the worst workout when you have BJJ a couple hours later.

Watching the UFC this weekend, something caught my attention when Rogan was talking during Urijah Faber's walkout. It was basically just how planned out his life is, how he has goals down to the very day. I'm going to try to start implement this in here to try to push myself into the next level. I'll list the weekly goals on monday and then recap on sunday. Goals will be anything I can think of, but largely training related goals. This weeks goals coming up in next post.
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