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Originally Posted by Brydon View Post
Are you insane. Pikachu vs Jon Jones is a serious stylistic match up. Goku is the ultimate ass beating pimp of all time. The dude makes spirit bombs so big it takes 3 episodes to gather the energy. Were talking about the first DBZ hero to reach super saiyan, Vegeta had to train at 400 times gravity to do that.

Goku has merked off everyone he has fought, he would turn Matt Hamill to dust (resulting in a DQ).

Can somebody please ban this moron for suggesting that any UFC fighter could hang with Gokus spawn, let alone the man himself.

Jon Jones vs the most epic SS ever, I have never heard such rubbish.
Well Vegeta is the ultimate bad ass imo. The dude just trains ALLLLLLLLLL DAY to get stronger. Goku gets gifted with powers while Vegeta works for them and STILL never gets to the level Goku is. It pisses me off sooo much. When he sacrificed himself for Trunks and everyone else and then BUU comes back


I hate gokuuuu

Vegeta went nuts and he STILL couldnt kill Frieza. I just dont ******* get it. The damn writer has a serious grudge against Vegeta.

Originally Posted by Hawndo View Post
Quoted for epic truth! Damn I love that game, love it very much.
It is one of my favorite childhood memories. I dont even remember how many hours i spent playing it 200+ EASY.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I never played Final Fantasy VII. I guess it's too late for now eh? Though i don't have any problems playing older games.
Its never too late.

I downloaded the game for ps3 about a year or 2 ago. I beat it again.. for like the 8th time. Was still as epic as ever. Everything about that game just makes me wish they would Remake it.

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