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Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I'm sure now, i'll download the Final Fantasy VII for PC and give it a shot. Is it linked to the other Final Fanatasy games somehow? So i don't miss out on anything?

And yeah, the remakes suck most of the time. Actually they don't have to suck that much but we just have way too high expectations to the games since the originals were so awesome. I enjoyed the past video games a lot more than i the ones they make nowadays.
Nope. There are other games that they made after FF7.

For psp - FF7 Crisis Core (Amazinggggg) (PRE FF7)
Video - FF7 Advent Children (Post ff7)
Anime Video - FF7 Last Order (During FF7 Sorta)

Then there is separate ff7 games that dont have much to do with the story.
FF7 Before Crisis
FF7 Dirge of Cerebus (Vincets story)

And i think there are 1 or 2 other games but those are the main ones.

Well i ment as in exact same remake except better graphics. When they released the ps3 they made this teaser trailer but i guess it was just to show what the ps3 can do ) :

omfg.. i think im going to play it through again XD!

Here is

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