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Things are going well guys,

I have had some free time to work on my bag-work lately.

I found a solid filled 100 pound punching bag for $60 the other day.

I am loving my time on this newer bag, it feels so different compared to the water core.

I can say that it isn't moving around nearly as much as the water did when I was throwing hand-strikes into it. I haven't noticed much of a difference when I throw kicks though.

I am working on getting my hands conditioned on the new bag, it is a slow painful process of re-callusing my knuckles.

My left hand is fairing the same it did when I got my old bag, but my right hand is behaving just like it did a year ago.

I've got a small patch of skin torn off the left side of the middle finger's 3rd knuckle on the fist and a small patch on the 2nd knuckle of the pinkie finger.

I can say the newer bag isn't as smooth as the old one...right now it is due to blood stains haha.

The goal is to spend about a month of re-conditioning. Then I'll go back to wrapping up and using my gloves once again.

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