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Originally Posted by Brydon View Post
I get it. I always felt bad for Vegeta too, the guy pushes himself to breaking point over and over again. Occasionally he will surpass Goku in power after years of training while Goku just sits around eating and conceiving epic children. Then after like 1/2 an episode Goku will be the big dick of the DBZ crew again, pwning perfect life forms with instant teleportation Kamehameha.

You have actually inadvertently brought up a great point about fighting. Some guys will kill themself in the Gym every day and do everything in their power to be great, only to be destroyed by someone with natural talent who doesn't have to work as hard.


Anybody else attempt suicide after watching that Dragonball Evolution film?
I think that's a good point about life in general, there are people that have to slave away and push themselves to the limit to just get by and others that seem to naturally skate through everything with ease. Lol *shakes fist at the universe*

And I almost committed suicide just KNOWING that the Dragonball movie was made, I still refuse to watch it. I just.. I just refuse!!

"Haters gonna hate."-Your Mom.
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