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Originally Posted by Thales View Post
Two things commonly help: train less, eat more.

Gaining/bulking is about increasing your calorie intake beyond your calorie expenditure. If your training causes your body to burn 3300 calories per day and you're only consuming 2400 calories you will lose weight. Best advice is to keep a log of everything you eat for around a week, calculate how many calories you are getting (figure out protein/carbs/fat) as well, figure out how many calories you are burning per day (figure out your basal metabolic rate + what calories exercise is burning) and go from there.

Training less does not mean training less intense. Focus on compound lifts that hit more than one muscle group. For cardio ensure you are doing something dynamic such as bleacher sprints or plyometrics as opposed to grinding out mile after mile jogging. Good exercises: squats, deadlifts, benchpress, barbell row, pronated pull-ups, dumbbell lunges.

Hope this helps.
thanks man thats a big help
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