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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
As for the list I think its a great idea, I hope you accomplish these. I am about to start up my own training log either now or tomorrow.
Nice! Do you train in martial arts or do you lift?

So it seems my goals list is going to get an early challenge. Yesterday in BJJ when I was rolling the purple we had a weird transition that ended with me in Side Control but my foot trapped under him and my knee twisted and pointing away. Weird as hell and a risky position and I managed to get my foot free. I felt a bit of pain in it at the time but nothing noticeable. When I woke up this morning my knee was stiff as hell and there's alot of pain in the side of the knee. If it was serious I'd know, but googling around leads me to believe it's just been twisted a little too far and basically sprained. Should take a week to recover and I'm supposed to RICE. I'll try to work around it in the meantime though.

Today I went in skipped for a bit and then hit pads with training partner, 4 rounds each. Felt pretty good, knee is sketchy but if I stretch and warm it up I don't notice it in pure boxing.

We'll see how many of these goals I can meet with my new gimpy leg.
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