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Morecraft choked him out in the 2nd:

Round 1 - We're live on Facebook, and referee Anthony Hamlett will oversee this battle of massive heavyweights. Get your clichés in now: "This one's probably not going the distance. Hope someone reinforced the cage. Blah, blah, blah." Bell rings, and McCorkle takes the center. Morecraft kicks the outside of the thigh. Morecraft walks through a few McCorkle punches and pushes him against the cage. Morecraft working the body lock and trips McCorkle to a knee, but he pops back up. McCorkle works underhooks and trips Morecraft to the floor. Morecraft immediately works his legs up for a submission, but McCorkle slips out and settles into guard. McCorkle steps into half-mount on the left side, but Morecraft alertly attacks the leg. He's wrapped onto a kneeler, and McCorkle hits the deck. Submission not there, but Morecraft works to top as they scramble. McCorkle spins and rolls, but Morecraft just winds up back on top. Short punches from the top. Elbows now finding their mark. McCorkle works to guard, and Morecraft stands. Crowd boos as Morecraft just stands over him. McCorkle waves him in, and Morecraft does come with a few punches. Hamlett should really be intervening as the pace is slow. Morecraft finally does commit, and McCorkle rolls to a knee. More punches from the top, and McCorkle rolls again to his back. Morecraft in side control. Morecraft just grinding away and McCorkle's face, grating his forearm across it. Round ends, and it's 10-9 Morecraft on the card.

Round 2 - McCorkle takes the center again, but it's Morecraft who charges this time. Both fighters fire off sloppy straights, and none really connect. Morecraft clinches again.He lets go of underhooks to fire off a flurry that includes a well-designed uppercut. He returns to the clinch and lands a trip. McCorkle nearly steps over to the back not he way down, but Morecraft uses the cage to peel him off. McCorkle tries to attack the right arm from underneath, but Morecraft easily pulls free. Morecraft creates some distance and lands a few sharp left hands. Slow pace halfway in, but Morecraft is in complete control and remaining active enough for Hamlett's taste. Morecraft backs away, and he tries to time an attack as McCorkle stands. It doesn't land flush, and he moves back into the clinch. Knee inside from Morecraft catches the cup, and McCorkle drops to a knee as Hamlett calls for a five-minute stoppage. McCorkle slumps against the cage as he recovers, and he's got a mouse under each eye. Crowd does not like the obvious rest, and McCorkle rises and walks a bit. Morecraft stands in a neutral corner with his hands on his hips. Finally, we restart. Morecraft land a right.McCorkle ducks in for a tired shot, and Morecraftgrabs a standing guillotine on his left-hand side. McCorkle trapped, but he refuses to tap. He's out, and Hamlett moves in to stop it. Morecraft lets go of the hold, and his opponent crumples to the floor.

Christian Morecraft def. Sean McCorkle via technical submission (standing guillotine choke) - Round 2, 4:10.

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