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Originally Posted by Zapatista
First off, you may think you see homosexuality, but you have no idea. There are still so many people who are homosexual but don't tell anybody for fear of what may happen to them. If you don't want to see homosexuals engaging in personal acts, then how do you think homosexuals feel about seeing heterosexuals engaging in personal acts? They are more emerged in that than you are in homosexual activity, so I don't see how you can really complain.

Also, you may not think that homosexuality should be banned, when religion makes its way into the government that is exactly what you get. When a religious politician doesn't separate the religion from politics, you get things like the attempt to make gay marriage illegal (Federally, not just individual states). Laws are supposed to stop immoral acts (such as ****, murder, tax evasion, etc.) and when you take the religious view is that homosexuality is immoral, it only makes sense to make things that the politicians thinks of as immoral and then make that illegal.
Gay marriage? What is that? I'm not familiar with that term. Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

I don't care if gays are "submerged" in heterosexual activity. That's their tough shit. Heterosexuality is NORMAL. Yes, I said it. SUE ME! Homosexuals are not normal, nor are they the majority, therefore they shouldn't have rights that upset the majority of the country. This country is supposed to be based on majority rules, and the majority of America does not believe in gay marriage...and in fact the majority of gays also do not believe in gay marriage. It's just a small percentage of the gay community pushing for this "gay marriage" horseshit. I wish I could remember the site that had the study but it's true.

Personally, I couldn't give 2 shits if gays want to be together for the rest of their lives. But that doesn't mean they have to be married. Once you bring marriage in to the picture you are saying that the State condones two homosexuals to be married, even though homosexuality is considered immoral, and goes against the natural order of life, and does nothing to contribute to society, AND "marriage" by definition is a legal unity between a man and a woman, not a man and a man, not a woman and a woman. If you want to be married, by the State, then you have to be hetero. Gay couples do nothing to contribute to do gay people have kids? How do gays reproduce to further our species and contribute to the human society? Why should the state condone such behavior? What's the benefit for them? Just to look "politically correct"? Well some states would rather not look politically correct and that's their choice and IMO it's the right one.

And anyway, religion has nothing to do with why it is immoral. We just had a discussion a week or 2 ago about morals and religion. Morals don't come from religion. Homosexuality always has been immoral. Every religion on earth considers homosexuality immoral. What that tells me is that the people who started all those religions all instinctively knew that homosexuality was immoral, which is how it got added to their religion of morals. Like I already said, homosexuality goes against the natural order of life, whether religion is true or not, homosexuals cannot reproduce, therefore they do nothing to contribute to the expansion of our species. They are essentially worthless, but don't take that term the wrong way. They are worthless in terms of the biological order of life. Which is why it is immoral. Much like murder is immoral because it also effects the expansion of our species and our societies.

But, don't get me wrong. I don't care if people want to be gay or whatever. I really don't, it's their business, if it makes them happy then good for them. I don't like when people judge me for being a pothead so I don't judge them for wanting to **** the same sex, even though I find it horribly disgusting and disturbing. But what I have a problem with, is people encouraging this behavior. Gay marriage encourages homosexual behavior. It tells people it's ok to be gay, you can get married now. And all the stuff on tv makes it even worse. They don't need to show gays constantly, and gays don't need to separate themselves and make themselves standout by dressing the same and talking the same. There's no need for that. They are always on shows on MTV and shows that teenagers watch and it puts it into their head that it's "cool" to be gay because then you can be on MTV talking to all the celebrities and making a ton of money gossipping or doing makeup. It influences the audience to think this way over time, it's just brainwashing. It wouldn't be so bad but it is literally happening on every single tv show they air on mtv or vh1 and it's just basically shoving it down their throats.

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