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Diego can and will beat GSP, here's why

I don't care what anyone says, GSP's standup is not the best there is. He is accurate, and quick, but he lacks power. Diego's standup is just as good as GSP's, maybe a little better considering Diego has more power behind his shots because of his stance and style.

I think the ground portion will be about equal if it goes to the ground at all. I think GSP can and will take Diego down as many times as Diego takes GSP down and I don't see either of them doing enough damage to each other to end the fight, unless it is late in the fight and one of them is already weak or injured.

I think Diego wins this by keeping it on his feet. His face is basically made of leather. In the Karo fight, Karo was hitting him with bombs, knocking his head back and making it double bounce, but he never broke his skin. I think both GSP and Diego are the most well rounded fighters in the division. I don't think GSP is the end all be all of MMA. He is very good, but I don't think he's as good as people think he is. He is still young, just like Diego, but Diego trains much harder from what I hear. Diego is never out of training for groin injuries or this or that, he trains constantly. Diego has more experience than GSP too, not against better opponents, he just has been in the game longer than GSP has. Watching GSP work his way up to the title made me realize how much motivation actually plays a factor in the fighters performance. I think GSP was so motivated and excited that he just outclassed Hughes. But Diego seems to be much more motivated than GSP ever was. GSP was very anxious and motivated, because you know it took so long for him to finally get a rematch with Hughes and all that. But Diego has been waiting even longer. He's about to get his 20th straight win, he's never lost EVER, he's beaten everyone the UFC has thrown at him and in devastating and convincing fashion, he blew through 3 people on the show to win it, and he still hasn't gotten a title shot yet. I think if Diego uses his motivation the same way GSP did, Diego will outclass GSP when they fight.

Anyone who thinks Diego sucks just because he was chosen to be on the show is retarded. Being on the show just gives him an advantage over GSP, in that he had all that time to do nothing but step up his game, and he prolly still trains like that to this day. GSP didn't have that luxury, and just because GSP wasn't on the show doesn't make him a better fighter. Diego is just as human as GSP is.

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