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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
I'll try to find guarantees though. I'm being honest when I tell you I have heard several times that the majority of gays do not agree with same sex marriage. But, they never said how many were surveyed, so it might not hold much water.

But, about the other stuff. It's not like the state knows before hand that a couple who is getting married is going to neglect their child or whatnot. With gays, you already know for a fact that they will not contribute to society. And yes, sterile people should be able to get married, if they are heterosexual, because the word MARRIAGE, is by definition a legal joining of a man and a woman. So yes, just because the guy may be sterile doesn't mean he can't marry a woman.

This is actually a hard topic to debate, because I can see good points in both sides of the arguement, but I still feel that gay marriage is not only an oxymoron, but it does too much to encourage homosexuality. It is up to the state to decide if it wants to condone such behavior, that's their job. If they don't want to, nobody should judge them, and the media shouldn't harrass them and label them as 'homophobes' just because their opinion is different than their own. I have just as much right to disagree with gay marriage and gays have a right to **** whoever they want as long as the other person is willing.
LUV, saying allowing gay marraige "encourages" homosexuality implies that it is a decision to be made. no gay/lesbian person would choose to feel how they do. it is just a prty of who they are. and don't say it's not natural because there are plenty of examles of homosexuality in nature. there are chimps who just have sex with male chimps when females aren't in heat!!!

our only objection to gay marraige is the judao-christian oppression we've lived under for too long. if nobody ever said it was bad, we wouldn't care. religion only wants man/wife combinations to produce more good little religious clones!

whiskey, racism, money, grease, twinkie's, guns.....yep lol thats about it
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