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Randy can beat CroCop?

Really, though. Look at CroCop's track record against wrestlers:

Kevin Randleman Yes, CroCop lost their first fight, but not because of Randleman's takedowns and groundnpound, but because of his strength and aggression. Randleman went balls out, locked CroCop in the corner and caused CroCop to be burn out, as well as over-concern himself with the takedown. We all saw what happened in the second fight.

Mark Coleman Coleman has a different style of wrestling from Couture, but they would both have the same approach to fighting CroCop in that neither should stand with him. The difference is that Coleman is a helluva lot bigger and stronger than Couture, perhaps not in height, but in physical size and the use of it. CroCop handed Coleman his own ass.

Josh Barnett Barnett is bigger, stronger and has better striking skills that Couture. Barnett also dominated Couture when they fought at UFC 36. If anyone remembers the last Barnett v CroCop fight, CroCop mounted Barnett. Further proof that CroCop has a ground game, but also that he is able to control a big, strong grappler on the ground.

Couture doesn't match up well with CroCop at all. He is going to end up having to close the distance by going straight into CroCop, and that's how Mirko beat TK. It's not even that interesting a matchup, because CroCop has fought so many guys like Couture.

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