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Jeet Kune Do

Hey, I know there are similar posts to this but I wanted to get in depth.

Now I know JDK is a kind of mixed martial art. I trained in it a little.

I have seen that some fighters say its not good to use it because its a kind of jack of all trades style and its better to stick with the experts of each individual style.

But I have taken a few good things from it, one of which I want to talk about here.

The power hand forward stance.

I recently tried switching to that and noticed it felt very comfortable. Bruce lee always said that it was a better way as your power hand has less distance to travel.

But one thing I dont understand is not turning the hand over as you punch. Im not sure of the reasons but I was always told to turn it over.

So whats your stance (no pun intended) on this style of having the power hand as lead?
Have you tried it and do you think there are major benefits for it?

Its almost as if I like to be tapped out! lol
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