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Originally Posted by lazyfighter View Post
Hey, I know there are similar posts to this but I wanted to get in depth.

Now I know JDK is a kind of mixed martial art. I trained in it a little.

I have seen that some fighters say its not good to use it because its a kind of jack of all trades style and its better to stick with the experts of each individual style.

But I have taken a few good things from it, one of which I want to talk about here.

The power hand forward stance.

I recently tried switching to that and noticed it felt very comfortable. Bruce lee always said that it was a better way as your power hand has less distance to travel.

But one thing I dont understand is not turning the hand over as you punch. Im not sure of the reasons but I was always told to turn it over.

So whats your stance (no pun intended) on this style of having the power hand as lead?
Have you tried it and do you think there are major benefits for it?

Not turning the hand over as you punch (leaving the first verticle). Is a remnant of Lee's initial training in Wing Chun Kung Fu as a child. In Kung Fu in general (at least to my knowledge of it), there is no "jab" or "cross" its instead replaced with various versions of the "vertical fist."

Search chain punches (a training technique) on youtube for a demonstration of the concept in motion.

My opinion on the power side forward or southpaw(in my case) stance, is that its something that a lot of fighters underestimate.

The draw back is obvious. The power punches (cross, rear hook, overhand, rear uppercut) are less powerful because they're not being performed with the dominant side of the body. However, the additional power that is translated into the lead punches (jab, lead hook, lead uppercut, etc), for me, make it worth the loss.

Another thing to think about is that power is only marginally decreased by the use of a power-lead style, because true punching power comes from the balls of the feet, all the way up, assuming there is proper coordination, not much power should be lost.

The gains to the lead side however are significant. Everyone (excluding our ambidextrous friends) have more developed bones/muscles/nerve fibers on one side of their body vs the other. This is on the power side. By makes the more developed side the lead side, one is able to use these more developed nerve fibers and muscles to throw punches more accurately and more surgically.

For me personally, in regards to JKD as a whole, I'm unimpressed. I've read the Tao, and researched the man, and while he was a very skileld fighter, and intellectual, IMO today he palls in comparison to fighters like Jose Aldo, or Frankie Edgar (similar weighted fighters of today).

The only aspect of JKD the Concept that is still as groundbreaking as it was when it was first concieved (IMO), is the idea that Martial Arts is always changing and that assigning it a name and constraining its limtations are foolish and counter productive.

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