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Conditioning session

I joined a friend about 20-minutes from the house at a gym he goes to "health club".

We went into the weight room to start the night:

I convinced my friend to do burpees to a pull-up. We did 10 of these burpees as a warm-up drill then stretched out and ran for 4-miles on the 2nd floor track in the facility.

After we ran we jogged for about half a mile to cool down.

Once we got back to the weight room, we worked on curls, adductor press and hip press.

I did fairly well on all 3 I ended maxing at 90 pounds on the curl machine I did sets of 6's then dropped the pin on the machine one notch and did another set of 6's till I got to 10 pounds which was 6 pins in total.

I started at 150 pounds on the adductor machine, honestly never used it. The initial weight was extremely I went to 200 pounds still I went to the max of 250 on the machine.

I ended up doing 6 sets of 6 press with 15-seconds of rest per set.

I finnished my lifts on the hip press which I really love!

I started out at 200-pounds with 6 presses, went to 250 6 press, 290 6 press and 305 6 presses.

I lowered back to 290 and ended up throwing out 6 sets of 6 press with 15-seconds between sets. I thought that was beastly throwing that much weight with so much ease!

The friend and I went on this foot-peddle machine for 15-minutes to cool down for the night.

I believe I made a 55-pound jump on the hip press from the last time I worked on it.

I want to convince my friend to call me over so we can do a conditioning session like this once a week.

I think the adductor machine will help me with working the guard in jitsu, it feels roughly the same grabbing ahold of your opponent's torso with your legs.

Tommorow I'll get a 30-minute one on one session prior to our 4-hour session at the gym, definitely looking forward to that.

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