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Medium Term Goal : Win my next fight - July 16th.

Goals last week:

-6 Grappling Classes Success
-2 Striking Classes Fail
-3 GSP Workout days, including extra Strongman and Neck work Success
-1 Burpee Session, beat last weeks numbers Fail
-2 Sessions standup with training partner, Sparring or Pads Success
-1000 kicks on the bag Fail
-Watch "Roy Dean's Blue Belt Requirements" all the way through Fail
-Find a torrent for "Ryan Hall's Back Attacks" Fail

Lots of failure! Didn't help that I hurt my knee on monday, regardless, I trailed off big time as the week went on. Getting in all those grappling classes along with a full gsp week were important success though. I seem to be too A.D.D. to watch 3 hours of BJJ video over a week, so I'll have to finish it this following week.

This week we'll skip the GSP workouts to free up more time/energy for striking training, keep up the grappling pace, and get those burpees in.

Goals this week:

-6 Grappling Classes
-2 Striking Classes
-3 Shadowboxing + Heavybag sessions
-1 Burpee Session, beat last session's numbers
-2 Sessions standup with training partner, Sparring or Pads
-Finish "Roy Dean's Blue Belt Requirements"
-Find a torrent for "Ryan Hall's Back Attacks"
-Drink 7 Litres of water everyday to begin water loading for a practice weight cut

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