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Went in early to do some solo work. 3 rounds shadowboxing and 3 rounds heavybag. I think if I'm not lifting I'd rather do a 2.5-3 hour marathon workout than two workouts a day. Everything was good here, except somewhere I kicked the bag in a hard spot that was too much on my ankle. Seems to be slightly sprained. Same poor leg with the sore knee and groin.


Did both classes, lots of technique. Half guard sweep, guard pass, grip fighting, takedown defense, a rolling kneebar from a stand, a kimura throw, back escapes. Drilled guard passes and only rolled a couple rounds. Lost a round positionally to a blue belt that gives me alot of problems. It's weird because he has poor posture, fighting my guard like a wrestler, but somehow his base is too strong for me to sweep. I think if I went into it fresher I could work some sweeps but if your hips are too tired that scissor sweep is usually a free guard pass.
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