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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Double jab is a fine tool. I wouldn't use chain punches in a situation where I usually use the jab.

Wing Chun as a whole art is misunderstood in my eyes, because most people think fighting=fighting, which is not the case. Circumstances of a fight situation determine the tools you need in the specific fight. Wing Chun is not a fighting art to showcase that you are the stronger fighter like MMA. It's not designed to stay in the fight, but as a defensive art to get away from a threat. So it has more legitimation as a women's self defense as it was originally developped for that purpose.
I think a lot of people don't even know the lineage of the Art. Or the concept behind it. Especially in the case of a forum dedicated to MMA (not blanketing everyone, or fingering anyone specific). I've been in a buncha arguments that attest to that fact.

I think its more viable as a self defense Art, but only slightly. I'm a big time traditionalist, but Wing Chun just doesn't impress me. But I figure, to each their own.

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