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What should Bioware do for Dragon Age 3?

I just finished Dragon Age 2 and I can definitely say it did not surpass Origins! I kind of figured it wouldn't when I heard you would only be playing a human character! It was fun but the storyline was weak and I didn't like any of the characters except Varric and maybe Merril. Seriously, Anders was a real dick in this game!

So what I like to see in Dragon age 3 is for Bioware to make it so I can transfer and play as my Dalish Elf character from Origins. Or if I wanted to play as a new character I get to choose from the different classes like we did in Origins! I also hope that we actually get to explore the land of Thedas instead of being confined to one place like in DA 2. They should keep the combat style from DA 2 since it gets us more involved unlike the auto combat from Origins! Hopefully, the story will revolve around Flemmeth and will get much more likable characters then what we got in DA 2! What are your thoughts?

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