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Originally Posted by JawShattera
gsp would dominate diego.what superior tools does diego have over gsp and how would he use them to get a win here.

ive tried to think of any way diego could win here and ive came up with this:

his only chance to win at all is keeping the fight standing against a guy who's got just as good of standup as him and can take him down at will.

how does he win here?
Read my whole post I told you exactly how and why Diego will win when they fight. GSP isn't some God or anything man. I think Diego is just as good as GSP, except Diego is more motivated, more aggressive, and trains harder.

What the **** is so goddamn special about GSP my god I am so sick of people just dismissing any of his opponents because they think GSP is on some whole other level or something. I guarantee you all when GSP fights Hughes and Diego, most of you nuthuggers are going to be crushed. Hughes beat GSP not too long ago by implementing his own gameplan and winning in the first round. Last time they fought Hughes went in and tried to beat GSP using a whole different gameplan, and obviously it didn't work. If Hughes is smart, their 3rd fight is going to be much much different, and I wouldn't expect to see Hughes getting TKOed this time around.

Don't get me wrong, GSP is good as hell, but people take it too far. He's only like 13-1 or something...who has he beaten to put him at a whole other level than every other welterweight who has walked the planet?

-He beat Hughes when Hughes tried to stand with him (Lots of decent fighter could have beaten Hughes in a kickboxing match)
-He beat BJ by a controversial split decision (probably wouldn't go the same in a rematch, BJ was gassed and GSP still couldn't do shit)
-He beat Sean Sherk (who is naturally 20-25 pounds lighter than him)
-He beat Karo, I'll give him that (but he almost got subbed)
-Jay Heiron??? (Jay Whoron?)
-His best fight was Frank Trigg and he made him look amatuer but so did Hughes and he did it twice.

GSP is 13-1

Diego is about to be 20-0

Hmmm...lemme think...why do I think Diego will win

Because the guy is 20-0 and never had a title shot that's why. He will not lose his first shot at the title.

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