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I completely disagree with most of your points.

"you say thigns like they will take eachother down about the same. do the same gnp damage."

"that diego trains harder because he doesent stop training when he's injured like gsp......."

gsp's, wrestling ,td's, td defence, and gnp are so much better than diego.

there bjj is about the same.

your can make a good arguement either way as far as there striking far as there conditioning goes. I think gsp has better striking.

but comparing there wrestling and gnp is rediculous.gsp by a mile.did you see what he did to karo.the same guy diego bearly won against. thats just a testament of how different there wrestling and ground and pound is. and that was a very young/inexperienced gsp, first ufc fight i think even.

Not too mention countless other examples.

And as far as raw natural talent, explosiveness, power, speed gsp wins by a mile again.

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